The one that is done to systems that are operational.
It is intended to maintain its proper functioning and reliability.
This type of maintenance is the one that we suggest doing to first time clients, to determine if it is necessary to perform the Corrective one.
The amount will depend on the amount of equipment to attend.

It includes:
Broadly speaking: CLEANING, MEASUREMENTS, TESTS, UPDATES AND Preparation of technical report with recommendations to optimize the system.




  • Technical cleaning of equipment, monitors and control panels.
  • Review of the DVR equipment, verifying that it is working correctly and that the recordings are free of distortion.
  • Verification of the recording on the Hard Drive and the space used.
  • Review of the real-time video transmission to the monitor.
  • Review of the communication ports, the remote link via internet.
  • Check that the monitor has good brightness and contrast.
  • Checking motion recording.
  • Update of passwords and DVR / NVR software if necessary.
  • External technical cleaning.
  • Verification of the angle of vision, perimeter to be covered, blind spots, weak points.
  • Verify that the camera is adjusted and positioned correctly.
  • Verify that the focus lens and auto iris are adjusted correctly.
  • In case of PTZ cameras, verification of operation with the controller or software.
  • Night vision review (infrared).
  • Adjust the focus of each camera.
  • Verification of IP addresses and verification of their responses.
  • Review of the power source and its operation.
  • Verification of connectors of power supplies and video-baluns.
  • If there is a joystick, check the operation of the buttons and control.
  • Verification of the wiring to the cameras and sensors, checking that they are in good condition.
  • Ensure that the wiring is properly attached to the walls or beams.
  • Check the connectors and cable entry points to make sure the wiring does not have a false connection.
  • Check that the transmission cable has a good video signal and is free of distortion.
  • Check that all connectors are insulated from the conduit and passage boxes.