Your personal safety and/or your business cannot depend on factors such as luck or chance, you should always be certain that you, your loved ones, your home and your company will be totally safe.

It is a system designed to detect intrusions (unauthorized entries) in an area.

Some of them can be combined with CCTV to log intruders and access control systems to block doors.

These systems range from small/self-contained noise devices to more complex multi-area.

These systems are commonly found in:

Residential, commercial and industrial properties.

  • With our service of installation of alarms our specialized technicians are in charge of the provision of the components, the installation and the start-up of the system.
  • In addition you and your family get the necessary training to manage the system without the need of technicians, but if you need it you can request the technical support of our company.

Types of Systems

  • Wired is convenient when sensors require external power to function properly, have the advantage, if properly wired to be inviolable.
  • Wireless often use battery-operated transmitters, which are easier to install, but can reduce system reliability if the batteries are not maintained. Its advantage is that it can move to a new house easily, and it protects against an attentive to cut a cable or against failures of an Internet provider.
  • Hybrids use wired and wireless sensors to achieve the benefits of both. The transmitters can also be connected through the electrical circuits of the installations to transmit coded signals to the control unit. The control unit usually has a separate channel or zone for the burglar and fire sensors, and the best systems have a separate zone for each different sensor, as well as indicators of internal problems.

High-end systems are connected to a central station or to the first responder (for example, police/firefighters/medics) through a direct telephone cable, a cellular network, a radio network (i.e. GPRS/GSM) or an IP route. In the case of a dual-signaling system, two of these options are used simultaneously.