Security Cameras

Cámaras de Seguridad

Security Cameras

We base our proposals on the client’s requirements, need, wants and budget.


  1. Personal advice for the correct placement of cameras
  2. Sensible pricing
  3. Mounting
  4. Programming
  5. Tutorial for the use of the system
  6. If need it, installing the cables to the monitor or recording device, hiding them properly.

Your needs and budget are our priority!


Once you have made your decision to purchase a security system and have made the investment, the next best option is to get the best professional implementation of your equipment.

With our CEO Solutions you will have:

  • Correct advice with trained professionals.
  • Customized appropriate solutions, addressed to the nature and security needs of each case.
  • A guaranteed service with quality equipment.

CEO Electronics provide you with:

  1. High definition images, day and night.
  2. Motion detection, which makes it easier for the system to be alert.
  3. Internal or external cameras, visible or covered, static or remote controllable.
  4. You can have one or several.
  5. Record a day or weeks.
Analog Camera

CEO Solutions Analog Camera

Aspects that currently make Analog cameras a good option for a professional video surveillance system are:

  • The analog video signal can be connected directly to any monitor or video recorder. When diagramming the most classic is to use a DVR, since there is no incompatibility with these.
  • The CCD sensor they use makes them excellent for a variety of lighting conditions and moving images.
  • Analog video traffic is not subject to network risks, it is a passive connection, similar to an analog telephone and can not be interfered due to external problems to the video surveillance system.
  • Analog solutions have more accessible prices.

Analog Cameras main characteristic is the need to connect with cables, therefore, if there are several the diameter of the channel is increased, requiring adequate wiring infrastructure for both video and energy for its correct operation.

There are very commonly use at: homes, businesses, companies, banks and government agencies.

IP Camera

CEO Solutions IP Camera

IP Cameras will emit images by itself, directly to intranet or internet without needing a computer; and they are controlled with software.

They can be fixed or mobile, connected by cable or wireless to a data network.

IP Cameras offer an excellent resolution; with digital zoom capabilities to cover wider areas or views with great details such as license plates numbers, a person's face or name tag on an employee's identification.


  • Sending pictures by email.
  • Motion activation recording.
  • Activation through by other sensors location.
  • Identification and horizontal / vertical movement / zoom (PTZ).
  • They can work as independent cameras without recorders, for small solutions.
  • Remote control to move it and aim an area.
  • Programming a sequence of movements.
  • Updating the functions by software.
  • Cameras with integrated intelligence which directly notify the NVR or the management software of the scheduled events.
Hybrid Camera

CEO Solutions Hybrid Camera

Hybrid Cameras main characteristic and virtue is that they are compatible with different industry standards.

This allow integrating them with analogue or IP technologies, as a result being able to work with existing infrastructures, maintaining them without making changes of wiring or recorders. They can be replaced or combined with predecessor cameras and connected with traditional DVR or HVR.

Therefore, a hybrid system, based on an existing installation will perfectly meet the needs of a customer and it can represent a great saving.

They are the alternative and at the same time the solution for almost any installation at a lower cost!


  • Integration.
  • Functionality.
  • Activation through other sensors.
  • Upgradeable.
  • Profitability, when using existing infrastructure.
  • Better image quality than analog.
Camara Inalambrica Solar


They are those capable of rotating in a vertical plane and panning, in addition to approaching or moving away manually or automatically.

They can be analog, IP or even hybrid.

They capture color video and have polarized protection.

There are several functions that can be incorporated into a PTZ camera:

  • Electronic image stabilization: helps reduce the effect of vibration on a video.
  • Privacy mask: allows blocking or masking certain areas of the scene in front of viewing or recording.
  • Predefined positions: allow you to program positions, normally between 20 and 100.
  • Auto Track: is a smart video feature that automatically detects the sound, movement, changes in the heat track - or a combination of these factors - of a person or object and follows it within the coverage area of the camera.


They are used for the purposes of surveillance schemes for homes, businesses and public areas.

Mostly when you want to obtain more detailed images in open spaces, such as: streets, supermarkets, schools and public entities.

It is also a very effective option, when we do not know exactly what area we want to monitor.

Camara Inalambrica Solar


It is an effective solution when we have the need to install video surveillance equipment in places where there are no electrical installations.

This wireless camera is powered by solar energy; They use high performance solar panels for their operation. Photovoltaic energy is what is used in solar panels, they absorb the sun's energy (Photon), and transform it into energy for the camera.

It is designed to be used outdoors, to resist without problems in the open, without cables, without the need for power outlets !!!

They carry a rechargeable battery which is powered by the solar panel that has been incorporated, so in the absence of sunlight, the camera continues to work with the energy stored in the batteries.


They can be used in open field areas, remote sites.

To be installed in sites without nearby energy points, such as construction sites, crops, stables, maritime vehicles, mobile installments or temporary sites, etc.

They are also easy to reinstall if the site of interest changes.

And they are also friendly with the environment!



With this tool you can monitor the areas of interest from anywhere in the world!

Now you can view in real time everything that happens in your home or workplace!

CCTV is an installation of directly connected components, which create a circuit of images that can not be seen by another person outside it your circle of trust.

The images captured by the cameras will be recorded and managed through a digital video recording equipment (DVR), storing information in the device or cloud for later use.


When you make the decision to invest in a security system and ensure that your investment works as you wish, you must hire the professional services of CEO Solutions.

With our company you will have:

  • Commercial: by viewing in real time and recording all information you are able to have evidence of an incident or to fight against fraudulent complaints, verify production processes, be aware of customer service in remote branches, surveillance of perimeters to prevent attempts of theft, among others.
  • Domestic: at any moment you can take a peak of any activity that take place at your home, with the feeling that all your love one are safe and supervised.

CEO Solutions NVR

  • NVRs are compatible with IP cameras (the images arrive processed to the recorder).
  • NVRs installations offers more advanced quality, less presence of noise and higher resolution.
  • It can be based on a computer or autonomous systems. You can use a UTP cable or wireless connection (wifi).
  • Broadly speaking, the power of these devices is given by the number of IP cameras that can be managed and at what resolution they can be managed.

CEO Solutions DVR

  • DVRs are compatible with analog cameras.
  • Its function is to convert the image into video to transmit it in real time and store it on a hard disk in digital format.
  • DVR are designed to receive direct signal from alarms, providing excellent transmission quality.
  • The connection is commonly made through a coaxial cable or UTP with video transceivers.

CEO SolutionsHVR

  • HVR are a hybrid, it combines the technology of the DVR with that of the NVR in a single recorder.
  • It is called the hybrid recorder because they can manage analog security cameras and IP cameras at the same time, that is, they are compatible with the digital signal and standard analog signal.
  • HVR hybrid feature makes it grow in popularity due to its versatility.