Access Control

Access Control

Access Control

Take your business to another level with the installation of this tool.

It is an electronic system that restricts or allows a user to access a specific area by validating the identification by means of different types of reading (key by keyboard, proximity tags or biometrics) and controlling the source (door, turnstile or gates) ) by means of an electrical device (electromagnet, butt plate, latch or motor).

There is a wide list of places that can be placed

  • Shops.
  • Schools.
  • Banks.
  • Hotels.
  • Offices.


  1. Control and monitoring of entries and departures of employees and / or public
  2. Greater security.
  3. Savings in Personnel Costs.
  4. Decrease in Registration Time.
  5. Improvement in Personnel Productivity.
  6. Allow / Restrict Door Opening.
  7. Monetary valuation of your business.
  8. Added Value in Modernization.
  9. Automation: locks and unlocks the door automatically.
  10. In cases of being a keyless system, it eliminates entry problems due to inconveniences with a key.