Corporative Security

Corporative Security

Corporative Security

Internet has been a window of opportunities but also threats that make corporate cybersecurity more and more indispensable and necessary for companies (large, medium and small). Statistics show that companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that are more intense and advanced every day.

It is not enough with perimeter or antivirus solutions because their intentions do not only reside in blocking infrastructures, but in stealing information (passwords, bank details, confidential documents). Companies must implement sufficient measures to prevent and counteract possible attacks.

CEO Solutions offer advice in this area, focusing on protection, integrity and privacy of the information found in your networks, covering the implementation of equipment, systems and all kinds of integral solutions to ensure the defense against cybercrime.

We also provide consulting services on standards, procedures, methods and techniques to achieve a safe and reliable system.

Many elements should be considered when establishing a cyber-threat protection system, which complies with the following:

  • To predict and confront the problems that may arise.
  • Lessen the impact of those who cannot be avoided.

Main Objective

To assure the company 4 fundamental aspects of the information:

1 Availability

Access to it when required, taking into account privacy.

2 Confidentiality

Information accessible only to authorized personnel; It should not reach people or entities that are not authorized.

3 Integrity

Correct information without unauthorized modifications or errors. Protects against external vulnerabilities.

4 Authentication

Information from a user who he/she claims to be. is verified and must be guaranteed that the source of the data is correct.

We offer integral solutions that cover the implementation of equipment and systems to ensure the defense of the pillars that make up the informatics.


However, it is important to clarify that there is no single solution that protects from so many threats that are currently lurking in business; So we recommend several levels of safety; If one fails, the others still stand.


The key to our security proposal is PREVENTION.

  1. Get ahead of the malicious behavior.
  2. Avoid the leakage of information.
  3. Update infrastructure.
  4. Implement effective systems and equipment technology.
  5. Backup To be able to recover important information.
  6. Educate the user. They have to be aware of the threats that threaten them in the daily life of their work.

We also advise on standards, procedures, methods, techniques and equipment to have a safe, reliable and accessible system.

Corporative Security



  • The lack of control over corporate mobiles can cause your business to suffer both economically and operationally, since the absence of a main, non-fragmented and unlimited mobile platform is a great risk to the management and security of many businesses.
  • The small size and mobility that allow devices that can be used with complete privacy - increases security risks, such as sending confidential information.
  • The ease of mobile connectivity to desktop systems via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN, makes it easy for a malicious or unsuspecting employee to walk out the door, with customer lists, software source code or financial statements.
  • Even though the employee's privacy must be respected, finally, the mobile device is corporate property, used as part of your business - and you are legally responsible for knowing what is happening.

With CEO SOLUTIONS you obtain:

  1. Monitor your company's use of your cell phone as often as you need.
  2. Support and monitor the use of phone data.
  3. Track your employees.
  4. Create roles based on access permissions, so the assigned person can only see the data of the users that are allowed.

We offer the service for corporate cell phone management, through a discrete monitoring tool for all communications, behavior and location of a smartphone.

Services including

  • Monitor calls
  • Listen to live calls
  • Record calls
  • Register calls
  • VOIP6 Call Log
  • VOIP6 Call Recording
  • Listen to ambient sound
  • Record the Ambiente8
  • FaceTime3 Bed
  • Record Skype calls on Android
  • Record Skype calls on IPhone
  • Monitor messages
  • Read SMS and MMS8 messages
  • Send Fake SMS
  • Deleting SMS with words claves8
  • Empty emails
  • Monitor IM Chats
  • WhatsApp6
  • Facebook / FB Messenger
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • iMessage
  • Remotely monitor
  • Take a picture using the camera
  • Record a video using the camera
  • Restart device
  • Check Device battery Status
  • Remote Control by SMS
  • Monitor on the Internet
  • Websites Visited
  • Markers

  • Monitor in Applications
  • Monitor Alerts
  • SIM Card Change
  • Calls to specific contacts
  • Alert Wizard
  • MMonitor Multimedia
  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio

Web Filtering

Commonly known as "content control software", is a software designed to restrict Web sites that a user can visit on their computer.

  • Monitor and filter virtually all employee web activity, including internal staff and remote workers.
  • With this tool you can block or include lists with specific Web sites by address or keyword, or take advantage of pre-selected and ordered URL lists to easily implement your company policies.
  • Can work with:
    - Whitelist only allow access to sites specifically chosen by those who configure the filter
    - Blacklists restrict access to unwanted sites as determined by installed standards
  • You can also register all of the websites you access and receive alerts from visits to selected sites or site categories.
  • It can also monitor the use of network bandwidth, identifying applications and high-use users.

Perfect for restricting access to social media!