Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart Home

The future is here!

An endless number of equipment and automated technological systems have been developed, which are applicable to different types of people or situations:

  • Young families, whose first concern is time savings and technology.
  • Elderly people concerned about their health and safety.
  • People with disabilities who would facilitate routine everyday activities.
  • People looking for Hi-Tech comfort and entertainment in their home.
  • Those who wish to achieve greater efficiency in the use of household resources.

CEO Solutions offer automation answers that can be applied in your home, adapted to the needs of each client, which will undoubtedly improve your lifestyle, because you will be in control the elements, using a main control panel or even your Cell phone, from anywhere in the world.


We develop an intelligent solution for the control of electronic elements of your home.

Save Energy

Temperature and lighting control, consumption management of appliance and contracted energy.


Custody and surveillance against emergencies such as fires, floods, break in, etc. Personal safety with panic alarms.


Remote control and telemetry, Internet access, internal communication and sharing of computer resources within the home.


Climate control routines, lighting control, irrigations timers, home access from anywhere in the world.

Day to day

Facilitate the organization of everyday life. Doing new chores from home like working or buying.


Facilitating home activities for the elderly and disabled. Alarms for older people in case of any kind of emergencies.


  • Surprise yourself with everything your house can do!
  • No project is too small or too big!
  • CEO Solutions is qualified to install, configure your equipment, connect you to your wireless network and we will teach you how to use it.
  • Sit comfortably, we take care of everything! Design, equipment, installation, training, technical support!

An automated house includes in its conception the hardware (equipment) and the software (system), both necessary to be able to operate.

Smart Home

LIGHTING (Dimmers)

  • If you are building your home or want to improve the current one, it is imperative that you have an intelligent, wireless or wired lighting system that allows you to control it from an application on your phone.
  • You will be able to change the intensity of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have LED colors, you can also change their colors.
  • With the dimmers, which are devices connected to a lamp and are used to decrease the brightness of the light. When changing the voltage waveform applied to the lamp, it is possible to decrease the intensity of the light output.
  • That opens up a whole world of possibilities, where you can personalize your moments according to the activity: you could have a light to watch movies, a different one for dinner time and another one to read.
  • All of this by simply touching your smartphone or telling your personal assistant voice activated.
  • With this system you will also reduce your expenses, because you can save light to power remotely control it, and since it is designed for energy efficiency. This includes high-efficiency accessories and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or natural light availability.

SHADING (Motorized blinds)

It's a great way to automate your windows while helping you manage natural light in your home.

Now you can from an application, on your phone or Tablet, or with a voice command control the shutters of your home!


  1. It can extend the longevity of your window treatments by reducing the amount of pulls and pulls on the fabric and accessories.
  2. Motorized blinds can be programmed with presets, are excellent safety features.
  3. When you are away from home, the system can close the window treatments for greater safety.
  4. They can also open them automatically during the day to make the house look busy.
  5. They can also be programmed to adjust at predetermined times to reduce the brightness and to protect from the sun the delicate fabrics, works of art, furniture.
Smart Home


If you want to have an excellent A/C system and maintain the temperatures to your liking, it is essential to have a communication thermostat, which can be integrated with a system to control from a personal device, from any place To be found.


  • It allows to remotely program, monitor and control household temperatures.
  • It will learn the behaviors of the owners and automatically modify the configuration to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Remind users of filter replacement.
  • Will report the use of energy, which translates into a saving for you.
  • They record internal/external temperatures and the time the HVAC system has been running.
  • Some may learn when the house is likely to be occupied and empty.

For pre-heating or automatic cooling, to make the temperature comfortable when a resident arrives.


It is a buzzer connected to the Internet that notifies a smartphone when a guest arrives at the door entrance.

It is activated when the guest presses the button or, when the doorbell detects someone with their motion sensors.


  • Sends instant mobile alerts when people press the doorbell or activate motion sensors.
  • It allows you to see, listen and talk to people on your property from anywhere.
  • Serves to monitor your home in HD video, with built-in night vision.
  • You can get video and audio on demand with Live View.
  • To focus on important areas you can adjust the motion sensors.
  • Works in any home with WiFi connection.
  • 720p HD camera with 180° field of view, 30-foot motion detection and night vision.
Smart Home


It is an electromechanical lock that blocks and unlocks a door, when it receives instructions from a device that uses a wireless protocol to execute the process.

That is, they allow to grant or deny access remotely through an application.


  • Unlock: Proximity or remote with your smartphone.
  • Custom code numbers.
  • They allow access to a third party by means of a virtual key and sends alerts for the different events that program it.
  • They may be permanent or temporary for visitors, cleaning services, dog walkers, repair services and each individual member of your family.
  • Access limitations: to ensure that code holders can only access their home during approved moments.
    - If the door is left unlocked for a specific period of time.
    - If you detect the location of your smartphone outside a designated perimeter from your home (also known as geofencing).
  • Alerts on your smartphone if someone tries to enter or manipulate the smart lock, or set it up to notify the police or the residential security service if this happens.
  • Sync with the video chime and any camera view or record to anyone trying to access.

Audio and Video Systems

SPEAKER SYSTEMS that can be accessed from anywhere in your home and control them with an application on your mobile or tablet.

  • Sound is an integral feature of a smart home that is often overlooked., So we want to help our customers discover what is possible with current technology in their home or business.
  • There are options to modernize existing homes and to install in new buildings so you can use a wireless system or integrate audio with cable and hidden speakers on the wall and ceiling.
  • The right choice for you depends on the distribution of space in your home and the level of audio power you want to place.

You can transmit your favorite playlists and albums in any room and control playback and volume with a single touch.You can also put a movie in the living room, a podcast in the kitchen and a song in the game room or play the same thing throughout your entire house.

Smart Home

Audio and Video Systems


A voice activated by computers through artificial intelligence, which allows you to answer questions or execute certain functions through commands, in order to get a "smart house".

They are loudspeaker systems that you can access from any part of your home and control them with an application on your mobile or tablet, which allows you to have access to the video, audio and lighting systems. You can put a movie in the Living Room, a podcast in the kitchen and a song in the Playroom or play the same thing. All over your house.

Our team can rid you of the confusion and clutter of several remote controls, so you can spend more time enjoying the home theater experience.