Voice assistant

A voice activated by computers through artificial intelligence allows you to answer questions or execute certain functions through commands, in order to get a “smart home”.

Through voice commands, you can control your smart home, make online purchases and ask all kinds of questions. You can control your lights, request an Uber, order pizza, change the temperature of your thermostat, you can set alarms, request news, control what you see on your TV and allow you to play music through your speaker that offers 360-degree sound.

Our team frees you from the confusion and disorder of several remote controls, so you can enjoy family moments with more comfort and quality.

Smart vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most practical household gadgets we know. His abilities for intelligent cleaning allows him to be doing other tasks, while he leaves the floor clean.

They have sensors that help them detect when they have reached a wall or any object and sensors to learn the path they are taking, and thus clean following patterns.

They are operated with an application from the mobile to control it remotely.

The smart vacuum cleaner is a practical and especially useful solution for allergy sufferers or houses with pets.


Through a Wi-Fi connection and a Smartphone, we can control the temperature, activate the freezing or rapid cooling functions, the state of the filters, etc.

There are currently many options, which work with Amazon Alexa, so you can buy products, create shopping lists, manage your calendar and much more through voice commands.

Also to establish expiration dates for food, upload photos, leave notes for your family, send the user a photo of the content to see what is missing or what brand you have to buy, and much more …


They are a revolution. Its functionalities can range from voice control, you can memorize recipes, you can know the cooking status through weight, volume and humidity, you can predict the time and temperature to prepare food, you can schedule meal preparation, Turn on or off remotely.


Receive alerts of lack of rinse aid, activate and control the washing programs, configure and modify them. They can also remind us when we should buy more pills, all using an app on our phone.


Making popcorn to enjoy your favorite movie is now easier than ever with a microwave that works with Alexa personal assistant, allowing you to cook dishes with simple voice commands

Washer and dryer

It allows you to remotely control and monitor your washing from anywhere using a smartphone app. You can, start or pause, know the remaining time and completion alerts.

You can also receive notifications that the level of detergent or fabric softener is low, so that we add more, or visualizations of the status of the programs at all times.

Choose the type of garment, colors, material or degree of dirtiness, and your appliance will choose the program and the temperature for each type automatically.