Multiroom system

It is a platform that has the ability to play both video and audio in different rooms. It is a widely used system today that you can access from anywhere in your home and control them with an application on your mobile or tablet.

Each room could have its own contents, independently of each other, controlling the reproduction and volume with a single click.

Thanks to a special circuit, both audio and video can be distributed independently to any of the rooms in the house, allowing everyone to see what they want. We can control it with our mobile phone or tablet, demonstrating the total integration in our technological system, the one with which we are accustomed to operate every day, being much easier to control everything from the palm of our hand, with total comfort and without the need for having to get up or move from side to side to have music or video at any time.

Life is easier with CEO Solutions

There are options both to modernize existing homes and to install in new buildings and you can use a wireless system or integrate wired audio and hidden speakers. The right option for you depends on the distribution of space in your home and the level of audio power you want to place.