Remote energy monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your energy use and domestic activity through iOS, Android and web applications (with integrated cost calculations).

See what is on and when

See when your children came home, if your sump pump is on and much more. Check your home when you cannot be there and check the safety of a vacation home, rental property or elderly relative.

Reduce your utility bill

Measure the energy consumption in dollars and cents to see how much certain devices cost. Find opportunities to save money and live more efficiently by identifying electric pigs, vampire charges and malfunctioning devices.
It integrates with the Alexa, Philips Hue, WeMo Insight and Kasha HS110 smart plugs.
View historical trends in your energy use and the devices identified by day, week, month, year or billing cycle.

Control the use of electricity and save money

Water monitoring

Smart detection

Protect your family’s home from water damage. Monitor and control the use of water inside and out, including irrigation. Know that your home is safe with real-time leak alerts sent to your smartphone with Smart Home Water Monitoring.

Reduce your water bill

Eliminate the guessing game from your water consumption. Flume controls water consumption and provides real-time water usage data directly on your smartphone. Use the Flume budget tool to track daily, weekly or monthly usage and take steps to save

Remote water monitoring

See when your family or tenants are at home, how much water they use and where they can save. Solve water problems in real time from anywhere with the Flume application and the web portal. (Free on the Apple App Store and Google Play).

Alert device for smartphone and Alexa

Flume puts your data on your favorite smart devices. We provide real-time leak detection and water use notifications on your smartphone and Alexa devices so you can protect your home while traveling.