IT Support

We offer preventive and corrective services of computer systems, contributing and maintaining the proper development of daily corporate activities, guaranteeing a stable environment for the achievement of objectives.

We carry out the tasks of a tech outsourcing , which is cheaper and avoids having an entire department that only generates labor liabilities.

We have a team of professionals, who evaluate each situation in particular, suggesting the use of certain strategies and / or equipment based on the client’s need, budget and experience.

Our goal is to make our clients delegate on us the following computing tasks:

Review and audit of the current platform, information gathering Design, implementation and / or update of the Technological Infrastructure
Inventory of the platform (hardware, software, mail, web pages) Implementation and Intonation of Virtual environments
Verification of service providers Analysis, Design and / or implementation of Email Service
General Acquisition of Servers and / or Computer Equipment Installation and / or update of programs (Office applications and similar)
General Maintenance of Servers and / or Computer Equipment Installation of equipment and devices (Printer, Scanners, Peripherals, etc.)
Capacity Studies of the Installed Platform Advice, analysis, administration and / or maintenance of the current network
Maintenance and configuration in email Review, control and / or update of current software
Address the Incidents related to software Review, control and / or update of current hardware
Address Hardwares related Incidents Address the possible failures that occur with the day to day management of computer systems
Advice on the purchase of new programs and their installation Preventive maintenance of systems