Lighting Dimmers

If you are building your home or want to improve the current one, it is essential that you have a smart, wireless or cable lighting system that allows you to control it from an application on your phone.

· You can change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have colored LEDs, you can also change their colors.

· With Dimmers, it is possible to decrease the intensity of the light output, since they are devices connected to a lamp.
That opens up a whole world of possibilities, where you can customize your moments according to the activity: you could have a light to watch movies, a different light for dinner time and another to read.

· All this by simply touching your smartphone or telling your personal voice activated assistant.

· With this system, you will also reduce your expenses, since you can save light by remotely controlling it, and since it is designed for energy efficiency. This includes high efficiency accessories and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as the occupation or availability of natural light.