About Us


About Us

We are a provider of customized and complete solutions in the area of integral security, we provide advice, technical support services, and installation of various systems.

Additionally, we offer advice in the area of computer security, known as cybersecurity, focusing on protection, integrity and privacy of your information found in the networks.


  • The satisfaction that we have meet the need of our clients is our priority.
  • Provide cutting-edge technological options, constantly updating on the latest technology.
  • Use high quality equipment to ensure exceptional performance and durability.
  • CEO Solutions strive to provide our client the best price, quality and excellence service.
  • Offer personalized attention to cover the specific needs of each case.
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Low Costs

We offer better prices, by being CEO electronics manufacturers we eliminate intermediary costs, which many of our competitors add to their budget.



We also provide many brands of security equipment, which allow us to comply with the needs and specifications of each client.



We offer 2 years of warranty and technical support.

Unique Distributors

CEO Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of security equipment CEO Electronics.


We also are providers of many commercial brands of security cameras, recording equipment and access controls in order to meet your needs and budget.